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The Quaker Boy THUG Glass Turkey Call is a high-pitched, extremely loud glass call.The Premium Flex Legacy diaphragm call gives hunters ultra high rasp and cutting capabilities with a Strut Cut top reed.What sounds like a simple gadget can be just as much a work of art.Both calls can be made water proof by using a water proof striker, the striker is what makes them water proof.

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Designed to deliver far-reaching calls and other long distance turkey sound, this call also gives experienced callers a soft, rich sound on lower calls.About fifteen years ago, one call company that had previously been making my favorite friction call in the conventional glass, slate, and crystal surfaces began making calls with aluminum and even ceramic surfaces.Turkey calls are a dynamic combination of wood, metal, plastic, glass and other materials and they require a bit of maintenance to keep them working properly.The Quaker Boy THUG GLASS Call is teamed up with a waterproof carbon striker that will make it sing no matter what the weather conditions.

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The Raspy Old Hen allows hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud, excited cutting.

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Every Hunter knows if your going to be chasing spring gobblers you better have a Great Glass friction call in your bag.RECALL DESIGNS - GLASS Slate Turkey Friction Call (PICTURE SHOW BACK AND FRONT OF THE SLATE).From the Craftsman I custom make some of the most beautiful domestic and exotic woods into extravagant Turkey machines to help bring some of the biggest toms in close.

Product Description. vocal sounds of the wild turkey hen, from soft whines and clucks.I know that any person who buys one of my calls feels that they have just found the best sounding and finest looking turkey call they have ever heard or seen.A successful turkey hunter uses turkey decoys, the right type of gun, and the best turkey calls on the market.Turkey calls are separated into categories such as box calls, friction (slate), push button calls, diaphragm and tube calls.I think David Mills makes one of the best glass calls I have heard for best sounding hen yelps.There are several different types of calls that rookie and veteran hunters can use to bring in the big Toms and hens.

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Enhance your ability to lure prey when you are hunting with this Primos Jackpot Slate Turkey Call.The Dagger Spur is offered in glass over slate and comes with a two-piece purple heart striker.

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Your product will be shipped to its final destination to arrive in 2 business days or faster.

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Kingwood pot custom turkey call, glass over glass with Goulds turkey feather.

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Bully also showcases his own line of calls in the video, so anyone interested in his products can learn how to use.High frequency turkey calls are calls that are able to produce the natural sounds of the wild turkey at a louder and much higher pitched level than a traditional call.The Raspy Old Hen glass turkey call offers hunters a great sounding call at an affordable price.

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Durability, price, sound and ease of use are the criteria used when selecting the best call.

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Along with bringing the birds to you, turkey calls are quite fun to use.

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