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When taking your yoga classes, you may discover how inconvenient it is when your body presses on the cold, hard floor.However, these purposeful pillows can be pretty expensive, especially to someone just starting their practice.

It is filled with organic Buckwheat, an agricultural product that moulds to the shape of your body as you rest on the zafu to give.Zafus and zabutons have been used for centuries in Japar for just the purpose of meditation.

Although also a utilitarian accessory, it is best known for its use in zazen Zen meditation.Having said that, here are some instructions which I borrowed from a wonderful web site called No Zendo.

Shop a variety of styles and colors of natural cushions online today.Our Round Meditation Zafu Pillow with Embroidered Lotus symbol has a removable, 100% twill cotton cover for easy washing and a carry handle. 6 inches of densely packed organic buckwheat husk hull stuffing makes it soft enough for comfort, yet solid enough for support.

White Lotus Home handcrafts Zafus with kapok or organic buckwheat hulls.The eco-friendly materials are extremely comfortable and work very well to align the hips and spine for meditation.The Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow is one of the widely used pillows when it comes to meditating.

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While most zafus are round, a crescent shaped zafu provides a different form of support for meditation or yoga, and it creates an eye-catching statement within your home.

The Zafu is a Japanese meditation cushion used to elevate the hips and cushion the spine during meditation.

The Facts about Buckwheat Hull Pillows and Zafu Cushions

Half-moon Zafu pillow provides great support and comfort for meditation.Zabutons are large flat square floor pillows, about 20-30 inches long on each side.

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Easy step-by-step Instructions for a beautiful Zafu Meditation Pillow that you will just LOVE.Also Read: Top 13 Best Reading Pillows in 2019 Reviews Top 10 Best Bolster Pillows in 2019 Reviews Top 10 Best Travel Pillows in 2019 Reviews.You can make several zabuton and use them as floor pillows when watching TV or as extra seating when you have guest visiting.This pleated round Zafu cushion traditionally associated with Zen meditation is filled with your choice of buckwheat hulls or kapok.It is important to find a fabric that you will not slip off of when you are meditating.

In a more casual setting, the zabuton can be used in conjunction with a zaisu, a type of Japanese legless chair, with or without an accompanying kyousoku ( 脇息 ), a Japanese-style armrest.

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Zafu Meditation buckwheat cushion (round) with embroidery

Join Wendy in the meditation cushion production room in Lawrence, MA, where she gives you an inside look at the DharmaCrafts zafu, and talks about the differences among our zafu collections.Yama Yoga Store offers this pillow for the best in comfort and style during meditation.

As a retailer that sells a variety of organic kapok and buckwheat hull meditation cushions, I am often asked about the pros and cons of each material.Mindfulness and Tranquility are key principles in the art of meditation.

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